IMPALA Informal Mobile Podcasting and Learning Adaptation

Resources for developing podcasts for learning and studying

  Title of the resource Type of the resource Author(s)
1 Audacity Software Sourceforge, (free to download)
2 Lame Encoder Software Sourceforge, (free to download)
3 Introduction to Audacity Software user guide Matthew Mobbs
4 The Pedagogical Perspectives of Mobile Learning Literature review Ming Nie
5 The Potential Use of Mobile Devices in Higher Education Literature review Ming Nie
6 A work-in-progress literature survey on mobile learning and podcasts in education Literature review Cornelia Ruedel
7 Options for Audio - a one-page document with some advice on using audio for student learning A guide David Hawkridge
8 Producing academic podcasts - helpful hints A guide Lena Maculan
9 Decisions on developing academic podcasts A decision making framework Ming Nie, Gilly Salmon
10 Example approaches to developing podcasts Section of a research paper Palitha Edirisingha, Gilly Salmon
11 End of semester evaluation questionnaire Research instrument Impala research team
12 Student focus group interview schedule Research instrument Impala research team
13 Student personal interview schedule Research instrument Impala research team

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